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Chris Tabish and Aaron Wilkins met at a loud sushi restaurant at “one of those” business dinners and transcended the small talk to become trusted friends. They soon realized they care deeply about the same things in business: treating people fairly, developing long-lasting relationships, being your authentic true self at all times, and bringing joy to clients.

They compared stories and discovered that their clients have similar gripes about consulting firms: large teams of mostly junior/inexperienced consultants, consultants “telling us what to do” vs. partnering with our people, consultants lacking the courage to tell the honest truth, being left with a powerpoint deck but nothing implemented, and super-sized monthly invoices.

In 2017, Chris and Aaron created something different. Based in Silicon Valley in the San Francisco Bay Area, they imagined their clients “venturing west” to embrace creative discovery and achieve transformational breakthroughs.

They created Venture West with three principles in mind:

1. Our clients are our friends and we should always do what’s right by them

2. Our clients are counting on us and it is our humble responsibility to achieve meaningful results with them.

3. We will serve our clients with unbelievably spectacular people – authentic, knowledgeable, accomplished, humble, and honest.

Find out how Venture West can work for you.