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Our Approach


The Venture West way of operating is singular to the field of business development consulting. Instead of offering an out-of-the-box solution, we work closely with each client to determine what works best for their specific needs and goals. By working with you, not for you, we demonstrate our commitment to your continued success.


We drive change and innovate with you.
Our team doesn’t achieve things for you—we achieve them with you. Every member of the Venture West staff are teachers, listeners and learners. This mindset enables us to introduce and cultivate behaviors and skills critical for your future growth.


We make connections as a catalyst for action.
Breakthroughs often come from making new connections, either across internal silos, or with external partners. Our staffers offer experience in working horizontally in matrixed organizations, doing what’s necessary to bring outside partners and resources in.


We build sustainable systems that scale.
Venture West is filled with system builders, dot connectors, alliance builders, and boundary breakers. We combine leadership development, program management, and change management in unique ways to keep your company’s change engaging and moving.

Learn about the difference partnership makes. Connect with Venture West.